God is NOT in Control

We’ve all heard people say it. Heck, most of us have probably said it. “Don’t worry about anything, God is in control!” (Ya’ll remember that Twila Paris song right?) It sounds nice. It makes us feel better, safer, free from responsibility and consequences. Too bad it’s just not true!

Some of you are wondering if I’ve gone off the deep end. Some of you will not read beyond the title because you don’t want to subject your faith to this sort of “secular thinking”. In Christian-ese, to say that God is NOT in control is practically blasphemous. But when we go around spouting out how God is in control of everything and everyone, we end up making Him look like a mean-hearted, sadistic being that the very people who need Him most can’t accept.

For example; some people are born with debilitating disease. To say God is in control, is to say God made them that way. But we know from the Bible that ALL disease is a result of the curse. It’s NOT God’s will for any of us to be sick or live in pain. So… was God in control when that baby was born? Absolutely not!!!

What about those who are born with a tendency toward homosexuality? We know that homosexuals start having those feelings the same time that heterosexuals start having feelings for the opposite sex. To say that God is in control is to say that God made them gay. (Which is what a lot of homosexuals say – I was born this way, God made me this way, so what kind of an evil god would MAKE me gay, then say being gay is a sin?) We know from the Bible that homosexuality is a sin. It’s NOT God’s will. So… was God in control when that baby was born with those tendencies? Absolutely not!

What about that horrific shooting that recently took place in Aurora, CO? Obviously God was not in control! To say otherwise is the same thing as saying God wanted those 12 people to be murdered.

No wonder the world thinks our God is full of hatred and spite and pettiness! It’s not because He’s in control, but because WE are, and we have been doing a lousy job of it.

Let’s follow the path of “In control”. In the beginning, God was in control. He made everything. He even made us. Then, he gave that control over to Adam and Eve and said “Ya’ll be in control. Replenish the earth and subdue it.” So they were in control until Satan came along and tempted them. So Eve ate the fruit, gave it to Adam who ate the fruit, and really it wasn’t about a piece of fruit, it was about control. They handed control over to Satan right there in the Garden of Eden.

So, God started His plan for getting the control back from Satan. It took a few thousand years, but He was eventually able to bring Jesus into the earth. So, when Jesus died, conquered death and Hell, and rose again, He took BACK control from Satan. So, here was God in control again! Then Jesus did exactly what God did in the Garden. He turned right around and gave that control back to His church (Matt 16:19). He gave us the keys. He gave us the authority. He gave us the control.

So now we live in this world with a constant power struggle going on. We have control and Satan wants it back. Sure he has the power to make stuff happen, but we have power over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19). I believe that one of Satan’s best tactics for getting control back from us is lulling us into believing that God is in control – not us! When we’re sitting around waiting for God to deal with something that WE are clearly supposed to deal with, then Satan has already won!

So that’s my sermon for today šŸ™‚

Stop sitting around waiting for God to handle stuff for you. Jesus said “It is finished” and He sat down at the right hand of God. He’s not doing anything else except interceding on our behalf. The care and maintenance of this world is in our hands. And really, the image that the world has of God is in our hands. Most of the arguments against Christianity are based on what Christians have said about God. I know so many atheists who think that if God is real, then He’s evil – and for every one of them, without exception – it’s because of what they’ve heard and seen Christians saying and doing in the name of a God who is “in control”.


2 Responses

  1. Anessa this is an amazing article. This article just refueled me for the things I need to do with what I am dealing with right now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Preach it!

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