Where are the Real Life Hash-tags?

This morning, I was in a Twitter fight with my good friend Ricky Patrick (you should read his blog!) and I realized that this is what we’re missing in real life – Hash-Tags!!!

On Twitter, you can get away with saying all sorts of mean things that you would never say face to face as long as there is a hash-tag involved. Let me copy our fight from this morning as a reference:

The background of this is that Ricky was once a member of our Praise Team at church, but is “retired” for a season, but he’s agreed to play acoustic for me for this Sunday’s Easter service…

So the “fight” went like this:

from Ricky – Had fun working out some songs for Easter #butimstillretired

from Me – Yeah! Lots and lots of fun! #youcanretirewhenIsayso 🙂

from Ricky – coffee was good too. #idontbelieveinwomentellingmewhattodo

from Me: I really enjoy when you play acoustic #youneedtogetoveryourself

from Ricky: I like it better when it stays in tune #notgonnahappensoleavemealone

from me: The kapo doesn’t really help with the staying in tune part #itseemsyouneedanattitudeadjustment

You see – two completely different conversations happening simultaneously – but without the fear of hurt feelings because there’s a hash-tag before the things that people don’t like to hear.

So I think that’s what we need – Hash-tags for real life conversations. Sort of a “this is what I’m really thinking, but I’m afraid you can’t handle the truth, so I’m gonna apply a hash-tag then you will know I’m just kidding” thing.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?


5 Responses

  1. So very funny! #mybestfriendisacreativegenius

  2. This is hilarious. I DEFINITELY agree that we should have hash tags in real life. And, for effect, I think we should write them in the air with our finger as we say them, even the # sign. #whydoyoualwayshavetohavethelastword

    • I love the idea of “air quote” hash-tags!!! #sincethisismyblogiwillwin

      • You know, I just gonna throw it out! Maybe, just maybe, a hash tag is what Jesus wrote in the sand! #backthe(bleep)up! The first hash tag in history! Think about it, think about it…LOL! 🙂

      • I think you’re on to something #jesuswouldbeontwitter

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