In the Time of Discipline

Pastor Kenneth Hendrix said something last Sunday night which resounded inside of me as if he had hit a gong – it rang, no pealed, in me – and the reverberation continues 8 days later. He said “In the time of discipline, write your plan.”

I’ve never heard it said quite like that before – in the Time of Discipline. And I realized that yes, there are times when discipline is easy to see and to understand. I’m not talking about chastisement or correction – not that kind of discipline – but I’m speaking of organization, structure, wisdom. I’m talking about the understanding about how to implement changes in your routines and habits that will, in turn, create desired changes in the results you get from those routines and habits.

A simple example of this is with your finances. If you seem to never have enough money, there are some simple disciplines you can follow to change this. Or with your weight. If you never seem to lose any weight, there are some simple disciplines for that, too. But what about some of the more abstract concepts? Your relationship with your husband? You never seem to be able to have a conversation without it turning into a fight? There are simple disciplines for that as well.

I know, I know – SIMPLE?!?!?!

The disciplines (meaning formulas, concepts and action plans) are simple. And seem to be so easy for people outside your situation to see 🙂 but the implementation of these disciplines is where it gets tricky. Which brings me back to what Pastor Kenneth said:

In the time of discipline – write your plan.

When you’re in that season when the discipline is suddenly so clear and simple – write it down! Because there’s coming a time (and probably really soon) when it won’t be clear anymore. Life gets in the way. Emotions get in the way. Fear gets in the way. There will be a time when you can’t remember what and why you decided to change what you were doing – and that’s when you fall back into your old pattern, which will bring the old results that you were unhappy with.

Hab2:2 – And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make [it] plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.


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