Humility and Leadership

Sometimes these words can sound like antonyms.

The humble man makes himself of no account, submits readily to others and does not push his own agenda. The leader is confident, assertive and knows what needs to be done and how to get it done. The humble man knows that it’s only through the grace and mercy of God that anything good or perfect can be done. The leader understands that because of the sacrifice of Jesus, WE are now the righteousness of God and have the grace and power to do all that He has put in our hearts to do.

See, they sound contrary one to the other. And most people identify readily with one or the other. Which one you lean towards will depend on any number and variety of circumstances. However, the descriptions I just gave don’t have to be of two separate men! The goal is to lead from a place of humility. Jesus said it over and over again – Follow me. And then He said only what He heard the Father say and did only what He saw the Father do. He didn’t preach His own message, but the message of the Kingdom of God.

One of my favorite quotes that I came back from Catalyst with was from Chuck Swindoll – “Humility fosters a life of peace and rest. Over-confidence in your own abilities will burn you out.”

So, if you’re tired, stressed and on the verge of burn out – stop right now and ask yourself: what am I doing in my own strength? Where am I not walking in love? Where have I allowed pride to creep in? If you answer these questions honestly, and ask Holy Ghost to show you the things about yourself that you can’t see, you may be surprised at how far off track you’ve gotten without even noticing.


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  1. I agree. It seems like when we become aware of how jacked up we are without the grace of God…people can suddenly relate to us better and follow us. Imagine that.

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