Let It Be – Too

As a follow-up to my last post, I realized that I left out possibly the most important part of “I gotta be me”, and that is – I gotta let others be THEM.

It’s easy for us to defend our right to be ourselves, but harder to remember that others have that same right.

I’ve noticed that I have a hard time seeing people as they really are. Us self-absorbed human beings tend to define the people in our lives solely by their relationship to us.

  • That’s MY husband. He lives with ME. He works all day, then comes home to talk to ME about US.
  • That’s my Spiritual Leader. He leads ME. He teaches ME. He’s concerned about MY well-being and that I’M happy and fulfilled in life.
  • That’s MY God. He saved ME. He made ME to be His righteousness. Even if no one else ever accepted Jesus, He still would have done it just for ME.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these statements, I think that most of us stop there and forget that all of these people have a life, purpose and meaning beyond what they can do for ME. I believe that I’m on a path that will one day end with me being able to look at people and see the plan and purpose for God in their lives without me in the forefront of the picture.


One Response

  1. Good follow-up. At Catalyst, Matt Chandler said something about “Play your part well” it made me think of the temptation to say ‘i just need to do my thing, and everybody needs to leave me alone’. But we are a body, a team…and I need to play my part, and support you in playing your part.

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