The Heartbreak of Halitosis

Don’t you hate it when you have bad breath and someone points it out to you? Or worse, when they DON’T point it out!

The fact is, we live with the germs in our mouths every day. We are accustomed to them. We don’t notice them. We don’t even think about them. That is until someone offers you a Tic Tac! Then, miraculously, we become all self-aware. Even hyper-sensitive to the stinky-breathed people around us. OK, so I’ve taken the analogy just a little further than needed, but that’s what I do!

Of course, the sub-text here is that we all have “blind spots” that we’re completely unaware of until someone points them out to us. Prov 27:6 is one of my¬†favorites – “faithful are the wounds of a friend”. A true friend is one who will point out your stinky-ness. A true friend doesn’t let you walk around with a booger hanging off the end of your nose. A true friend will hold up a mirror and say “Fix it!!!”

That’s the kind of friend that God can be if only we learn how to let Him.


4 Responses

  1. I think that maybe most Believer’s would agree to let God “fix them” but he’d better not let any of our brothers or sisters help him. Kinda like “you’re not my mama” comment.

  2. I do believe that is a true friend –to tell about the breath thingy. I would rather have that kind of friend anyday.

  3. Two things… first of all, thanks for being the kind of friend who will offer a Tic-Tac… literal and metaphorical.

    Secondly, I posted a blog tonight called, “Let Daddy Fix It” (a reprint of Randall’s article in “The C” last month) without having read this post on your site. Very cool that we’re all following Holy Ghost to post blogs that thread together! This is fun!!!

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